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Last Update Lookout Premium

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Download Last Update Lookout Premium. Lookout Premium mobile security software for android platform makes browsing through your mobile a pleasant experience. With Lookout Premium install on your smart phones you can confidently click on the websites, links, emails, text messages and QR codes, since the product provides real time protection against the latest threats. The mobile security suite from Lookout Premium automatically prevents phishing and malware sites from loading or thieving your identity.

The security software also has a privacy advisor dash board with a consolidated list of apps having access to your personal information, such as contacts, location etc. Other features like privacy scans and app reports help you maintain your privacy and get a detailed report on the possible risks. Lookout Premium also has remote lock and remote wipe facilities which could be very useful when it comes to securing your vital data in case of theft. Some of the popular tech sites have listed the product on top of their list. A few of the Lookout Premium reviews have rated the product with five stars on a five-star rating scale.

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