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Last update Bull Guard Mobile Security

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Download Last update Bull Guard Mobile Security. Bullguard mobile security is a smart protection system for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Bullguard mobile security is compatible with several platforms including Windows, Android, Symbian and Blackberry. The mobile security suite from Bullguard comprises antivirus, antitheft, parental control, fire wall, spam filter and basic backup.

Bullguard mobile security reviews rate the product on par with top players in the field. The mobile security software’s notable features include its antivirus protection which provides superior protection against malicious threats and the antitheft feature which empowers you to track, locate or wipe out vital data in your smart phone remotely.

While the parental control feature of Bullguard mobile security keeps your children safe from wandering into undesired websites, the fire wall ensures safe surfing. Apart from preventing malicious websites from automatically loading the fire wall also prevents hackers and creates a safe environment for your mobile devices. The product also has sim card protection feature and the company offers 24/7 support for the product.

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